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Gift In Kind Valuation

HELM Addresses All Valuation Requirements for Donated Product

Valuation is a Key Component of HELM

HELM fully supports gift valuation with functionality fit for any situation

Optimize Valuation Tasks

The Gift module includes several features which make your processes more efficient

  • Auto-valuation of repetitive products
  • Apply values to groups of similar products
  • Default valuation sources and notes from prior receipts
  • Apply a gross receipt value to an entire gift
  • Value a gift by weighted averages
  • Utilize Donor default valuations
  • Apply custom valuation rules

There are also options to have HELM auto value entire gifts in one click with the use of external product or pharmaceutical pricing data repositories. Values can even be derived from generic item category pricing, values, value per pound, and cost discounts.

Track Valuation Data

Confidently value donated product

The central focus of the Valuation functionality in HELM is to allow the user to quickly provide a value to every item on a donation, and to log the backup documentation and parameters used to arrive at the valuation. This not only provides for an efficient intake and valuation of Gifts, but provides detailed audit data for later Donor and financial reporting – as well as fiscal month and year closings.

Ensure Complete Traceability

Update product values at any point in the process

Product valuations are synchronized from the original Gift and Delivery through all stages of product life in the system and eventual shipping history. At all points in the life cycle a product can be quickly traced back to the original Donor, Gift, Delivery, and value. Should a valuation adjustment need to be made post receipt – or even post shipment – the system can accommodate and update values system wide while logging the change in the appropriate fiscal period and audit trail.

Approve Valuations

Track and verify product valuations

All products go through a valuation sign-off process with detailed date and time stamped approvals for all items valued to assure valuations are verified and audit ready. Donation Receipts, letters, certificates, exports, and other documentation can be generated during the valuation process as well.

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