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Offer Management

Handle the Unique Challenges of Receiving Donated Goods with HELM

A Complete View of Offered Product

The Offer Management module ensures your personnel have the information they need to process donations

Manage Donations

Donations Simplified

The Offer management module provides tracking, acceptance, allocation, and verification management functions of donations offered to your organization. The Offer module first provides a repository for upload or entry of donations “offered” to your organization to give shared visibility to your personnel and remote offices of offered products.

Product Management

Make Informed Decisions

Using HELM and the customized Portessa Portal, users can request that offered product be allocated to various destinations, programs, or general inventory programs. This provides complete information to your corporate relations managers, enabling them to make informed product management decisions and quickly distribute accept or decline requests to your Donors.

Automate Receiving Tasks

Expedite the Receiving Process

The offer module can automatically open a Gift and Delivery within the system to expedite the receiving process and provide a Gift PO number for your Donor to use for their shipments. Additionally, the Offer module can automate the setup of new items to prepare for receiving and provide barcoded receiving documents to further expedite the receiving process.

Advanced Reporting

Compare Offered vs. Received Product

As the receiving process for an offer transpires, the offer module can provide reconciliations and reporting on products offered vs. products received. This advanced reporting feature provides clarity on Donor responsiveness and fulfillment accuracy.

Restriction and Assignment

Optimize Internal Requests

As products are received, and the Gifts are reviewed in the Restriction and Assignment processes, the internal requests for products your personnel made in the offer process will be visible in the allocation process to help fulfill internal requests in a more streamlined manner.

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