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Donor Restrictions & Blocks

HELM Fully Supports Usage Controls for Donated Product

Manage Donated Product Responsibly

Confidently Support Donor Requirements, Restrictions, and Thresholds

Handle Complex Rule sets

Responsibly managing donated products can often be considerably more complex than purchased products due to the potentially endless number of combinations of Donors and their product usage Restrictions and Blocks. With this in mind, HELM has been built from the ground up to handle even the most demanding set of Donor Restriction and Block rule sets

Aside from providing sophisticated functionality to apply restrictions and blocks at a variety of levels including Organization, Donor, Gift, Delivery, Item, and Package – these rules are carried with the products through the complete system life cycle. This means that at every step, such as building a shipment, the system is continuously suggesting and validating choices to assure the Donor’s intentions are always followed and Restrictions and Blocks are not violated.

Customize & Configure

Define restrictions and blocks to any detail level

The Restrictions (where a product may be used) and the Blocks (where a product is prohibited) in HELM may range from a simple, single designation such as a Country to a complex, named grouping consisting of combinations of unlimited parameters such as multiple Countries, Projects, Programs, etc. Both Restrictions and Blocks may be applied to products simultaneously.

Product Thresholds

Control product distribution

HELM offers internal Donor Block threshold management. Threshold management provides a way to impose rule-based limits on products without completely prohibiting their use. This provides the ability to prompt for Donor approval when shipping more that a certain quantity or value of a product to a customer, or to limit certain generic classes of products from certain programs or projects, among other capabilities.  

Maintain Important Records

Document all restriction and block processes

Following the application of Restrictions and Blocks to a Gift, additional functionality allows for documentation of the process for responsible record keeping. HELM supports application of notes, uploading directives and approvals, and printing confirmations.

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